Below, you will find multiple links. The 'Spiritual Gifts Survey', below, is also included as a pdf and a Word Document for download as that may be easier to read and use offline.

PDF of Spiritual Gifts Survey
Word Document of Spiritual Gifts Survey

Spiritual Gifts Survey 

The following survey provides an opportunity for you to respond to 90 statements.  Your responses will determine the area of personal strength in ministry and provide a tool to help you discover some of your spiritual gifts. Respond on the basis of your interest and/or experience.  Honest responses are essential.  Do not respond on the basis of how you think others want you to respond.

This could be a good survey for any adult


  1. Pray before you begin.  Ask God to help you begin to discover your spiritual gifts through this exercise.  Ask Him for His wisdom.

  1. Read each statement and give it a moment of serious thought.

  1. Use the grading scale for each response.

  1. Be sure to answer every item.  Complete the whole survey before referring to the scoring sheet.

Grading Scale:

               Very Much          4 pts.

               Much                    3 pts.

               Some                    2 pts.

               Little                     1 pt.

               None at all          0 pts.


_____1.  I have the ability to look ahead and plan accordingly.

_____2.  When a project is “spinning its wheels,” I want to get in there and take over to help it

run smoothly.

_____3.  I have a great desire to share my faith in Christ with others.

_____4.  I find that I am able to comfort a Christian during times of physical or emotional


_____5.  I enjoy opening my home to guests and/or strangers and sharing what I have with


_____6.  I have great confidence in the Lord that when I pray for others, my prayers will be


_____7.  I give considerably more than my tithe to the work of the Lord.

_____8.  I am willing to do whatever is necessary to assist my spiritual leaders so they may more

effectively minister for Christ.

_____9.  I have a sense of satisfaction when ministering to elderly and shut-ins bringing comfort

and cheer to them.

____10.  I can sing with some degree of proficiency.

_____11.  I enjoy working behind the scenes, knowing my work for the Lord is helping the  

Kingdom of God.

_____12.  I feel good about taking responsibility for a small group of fellow Christians and their

spiritual growth.

_____13.  I feel I can minister to the body of Christ by helping others understand Bible truths

which will help them grow in Christ.

_____14.  I derive joy and satisfaction by working with my hands.

_____15.  I can play a musical instrument with some degree of proficiency.

_____16.  I enjoy delegating responsibilities to others.

_____17.  I am able to lead others by word and example in the accomplishment of specific tasks.

_____18.  I love to share with others how Jesus has brought me to Himself.

_____19.  I am glad when people who need encouragement, strengthening, or counsel seek out

my help.

_____20.  I have a knack for making strangers feel at ease in my home and church.

_____21.  I can pray intensively, often for long periods of time.

_____22.  I am willing to maintain a lower standard of living in order to give more to the work of

the Lord.

_____23.  I enjoy helping in small ways behind the scenes.

_____24.  I have the ability to feel genuine compassion for those who sometimes are ignored by


_____25.  I would love to sing with others or by myself in church services.

____26.  I would rather take directions from others than give them.

_____27.  I enjoy ministering to the same group of Christians over a long period of time, sharing

in the joy of their victories and the pain of their disappointments.

_____28.  I enjoy helping others (whether children or adults) learn facts of the Bible which they

can be applied to building up their lives.

_____29.  I really enjoy maintaining and repairing things for the glory of God.

_____30.  I would love to play a musical instrument with others.

_____31.  I can set long-range and short-range goals on paper and make plans to accomplish

those goals. 

_____32.  I enjoy directing, inspiring, and motivating others in some aspect of the Lord’s work.

_____33.  I am able to share the “good news” about Jesus in such a way that it becomes clear

and meaningful to non-Christians.

_____34.  I am sensitive to people who are suffering, troubled, or struggling and want to see

them helped by the Lord.

_____35.  When I meet strangers, I have the ability to make them feel welcome and relaxed.

_____36.  I take prayer requests seriously and pray until the answer comes.

_____37.  I am deeply moved when I am confronted with an urgent financial need in the work of

God’s Kingdom.

_____38.  I would rather be a “support person” than an upfront leader in the church.

_____39.  I could really enjoy visiting the lonely in prison and retirement homes.

_____40.  I enjoy singing in order to stir people’s hearts and strengthen their faith.

_____41.  I see little things around the church that need to be done and do them faithfully.

_____42.  I am concerned to see the spiritual needs of believers met and am willing to be

personally involved in caring for and discipling others.

_____43.  I devote a great amount of time to learning new Biblical truths so that I can

communicate them to others.

_____44.  I find pleasure in repairing broken objects and enhancing the physical beauty of the


_____45.  I enjoy playing a musical instrument in order to stir people’s heart and strengthen

their faith.

_____46.  I am organized and know how to help organize others.

_____47.  I seem to be able to know what needs to be done, how to do it, and I inspire others to

help get it done.

_____48.  I would rather witness to others about Jesus than do anything else for the Lord.

_____49.  When people are around me, they seem to be strengthened and encouraged.

_____50.  I feel bad when I see visitors at church go unnoticed by those around them.

_____51.  When I am made aware of another’s need, I feel compelled to pray for him/her


_____52.  No matter how much God asks me to give, I give cheerfully and willingly.

_____53.  I feel I am contributing to the work of the Lord when I perform ministries which

others may feel are small and insignificant, knowing that what I do is helping the

entire body of Christ.

_____54.  I genuinely care about others, to the point that I am willing to give up my personal

time and resources to alleviate someone else’s suffering (e.g., The Good Samaritan).

_____55.  I believe that through my singing I can help people worship Jesus Christ more


_____56.  I don’t mind serving others even if it means I am needed to perform menial tasks.

_____57.  I tend to be patient with Christians who are making slow progress in the Christian life.

_____58.  I like to study Bible truths and share them with others to see changes in their

knowledge, conduct, and attitude.

_____59.  I feel I have an ability to use my hands to create, repair, and construct items to further

God’s work.

_____60.  I believe that by playing a musical instrument, I can help people worship Jesus Christ

more effectively.

_____61.  I feel comfortable leading a committee in making decisions.

_____62.  People seem to follow me when I’m in charge.

_____63.  I have found that when I have shared my faith in Christ with others, they received my

witness favorably.

_____64.  I listen intently when people share their needs with me so that I can help strengthen

them in their walk with Christ.

_____65.  I genuinely appreciate guests who come to my home even if I have never met them


_____66.  I desire to faithfully pray for others who are in ministry since I recognize that their

effectiveness depends on prayer.

_____67.  I believe that God has given me the ability both to make and to share money.

_____68.  I am glad when someone calls me to do menial tasks for the Lord’s work or Ministry.

_____69.  I enjoy ministering to those who have physical and mental problems.

_____70.  Although doing my best musically is important to me, the more important aspect of

my singing is to glorify God and uplift the hearers.

_____71.  I find a great deal of satisfaction in doing even small tasks for the glory of God.

_____72.  I feel responsible to care for others’ spiritual needs in the body of Christ.

_____73.  I enjoy preparing and giving an orderly presentation of some portions of Scripture.

_____74.  I feel comfortable working with a hammer, saw, sandpaper, and screwdriver, as

others may be good at more spiritual things.

_____75.  Although doing my best musically is important to me, the most important aspect of

my playing a musical instrument is to glorify God and uplift the hearers.

_____76.  I can see the total picture of the project at hand, and I can use my insights to give


_____77.  I seem to be able to inspire people to enjoy working together to get a job well done.

_____78.  I find it easy to ask people to commit their lives to Christ.

_____79.  I find myself wanting to approach people who are discouraged and encourage them

through God’s word.

_____80.  I can meet new people easily and converse freely with them.

_____81.  I love to pray, not only with my understanding, but also in the Spirit.

_____82.  The more I can give financially to God’s work, the happier I am.

_____83.  I feel blessed, not used, when called upon to help another member of the body of

Christ in whatever task he/she is involved.

_____84.  I think God wants me especially to minister to people who are in deep distress.

_____85.  I want to sing either alone or with others in such a way that people sense greatly the

presence of the God.

_____86.  I feel blessed, not used, when asked to do little (often unseen) things for the Lord’s


_____87.  I sometimes feel like a shepherd must feel when his sheep are missing or hurting.  I

want to do all that I can do to bring them back to spiritual health and victory.

_____88.  I like to discover Biblical principles from my Bible study and then share them with


_____89.  I gain satisfaction from building or repairing objects that will benefit others.

_____90.  I want to play my musical instrument alone or with others in such a way that people

sense greatly the presence of God.

How to Score Your Survey

When you have completed all 90 questions, then place the score for each question next to the number below.  Once you have all scores for each number completed, then add each column.  At the bottom of the test, place the three highest scores in the DOMINANT GIFTS column and then place the next three highest to the SUBORDINATE GIFTS column.  This should give you an idea of some areas you are interested in and maybe gifted.  Remember this is just a starting place in helping you discover the spiritual gifts God has given to you.

1   _____                          6   _____                          11 _____

16 _____                          21 _____                          26 _____

31 _____                          36 _____                          41 _____

46 _____                          51 _____                          52 _____

61 _____                          66 _____                          67 _____

76 _____                        81 ______                            82 _______

[           ] Administration        [            ] Intercession           [           ] Serving

  2 _____                                             7 _____                                           12 _____

17 _____                                           22 _____                                           27 _____

32 _____                                           37 _____                                           42 _____

47 _____                                           52 _____                                           57 _____

62 _____                                           67_____                                            72 _____

77 _____                                           82 _____                                           87 _____

[           ] Leadership                [         ] Giving                        [        ] Shepherding

3   _____                                           8   _____                                           13 _____

18 _____                                           23 _____                                           28 _____

33 _____                                           38 _____                                           43 _____

48 _____                                           53 _____                                           58 _____

63 _____                                           68 _____                                           73 _____

78 _____                                           83 _____                                           88 _____

   [         ] Evangelism               [         ] Helps                           [         ] Teaching

4   _____                                           9   _____                                           14 _____

19 _____                                           24 _____                                           29 _____

34 _____                                           39 _____                                           44 _____

49 _____                                           54 _____                                           59 _____

64 _____                                           69 _____                                           74 _____

79 _____                                           84 _____                                           89 _____

[           ] Exhortation              [         ] Benevolence          [          ] Craftsmanship

5   _____                                           10 _____                                           15 _____

20 _____                                           25 _____                                           30 _____

35 _____                                           40 _____                                           45 _____

50 _____                                           55 _____                                           60 _____

65 _____                                           70 _____                                           75 _____

80 _____                                           85 _____                                           90 _____

  [         ] Hospitality                  [         ] Vocal Music             [       ] Instrumental Music

Dominant Gifts (Top 3)Subordinate Gifts (Next highest 3)

Score   Name                                                  Score   Name 

_____    _________________________                   _____    _________________________

_____    _________________________                   _____    _________________________

_____    _________________________                   _____    _________________________

This is not an exhaustive list of Gifts, but this will hopefully give you some idea where you are most Gifted.